About Us

bpi indupac is a business unit of RPC bpi group and a European leader in the manufacture of heavy duty polythene solutions.

Our Capabilities

Our continued investment in world-leading manufacturing technology ensures we keep pace with ever-evolving customer requirements. By combining the finest raw materials with the latest extrusion equipment and cutting edge flexographic printing our advanced manufacturing facilities consistently deliver to customer specifications. An extensive research and development programme also ensures that we are at the forefront of high performance film innovations whilst our in-house laboratories maintain our commitment to quality and product integrity.

As a leading manufacturer of high performance polythene film bpi indupac continuously invests in the latest technology.

bpi indupac has become a driving force in the development of polythene film technology and is a shining beacon for the future of polythene manufacture.

Our Vision & Values

We are committed to work with integrity, in the interest of the environment and the safety of our people, we aspire to be the ultimate polythene provider for smarter flexible solutions.

Tailored to our customers. Dedicated to innovation and quality. United by a common set of values, we aim to excel in everything we do.

Our Responsibilities

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of polythene film we take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We prioritise the health and safety of our employees above everything, adhere to a strict code of business ethics and go to great lengths to minimise the impact our business and products make on the environment as part of one of the most environmentally conscious businesses on planet.

By using the latest waste mitigation methodologies we constantly refresh our sustainability measures to ensure that we are as environmentally efficient as possible. By processing and recycling our manufacturing waste streams in-house we maintain a strict zero-to-landfill policy across all of our sites. We also work with many of our suppliers and customers to implement sustainable practices across the supply chain.

Our Locations

  • Ardeer, Scotland

    Lundholm Rd, Stevenston,
    Ayrshire KA20 3L J
    T: +44 1294 842000

  • Greenock, Scotland

    96 Port Glasgow Road,
    Greenock PA15 2UL
    T: +44 1294 842000

  • Leominster, UK

    Worcester Road,
    Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0QA
    T: +44 1568 617200

  • Bridgwater, UK

    PO Box 23, Bath Road,
    Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4BF
    T: +44 1278 446262

  • Hardenberg, Netherlands

    Bruchterweg 88
    7772 BJ Hardenberg
    T: +31 523 763 400

  • Roeselare, Belgium

    Wijnendalestraat 169
    8800 Roeselare
    T: +32 51 26 02 11

  • Zele, Belgium

    Zevensterrestraat 10,
    9240 Zele, Belgium
    T: +32 52 45 75 14

Our Accreditations

ISO 14001 ISO 9001 ISO 18001 FSSC 2200 EN 50001 BRC Packaging

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